Reservation Counter is an online travel website for hotel reservations. It boasts a large hotel room inventory, the lowest rates, 24/7-customer service, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. It is operated by TravelPASS Group.

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Making reservations was very easy and simple. This is the easiest reservation I think I have ever made. Thanks for making it so pleasant! - Robert A. Trust Pilot
Making my hotel reservation was very fast. Very efficient. Easy to navigate site. Told me everything that was included and not in the price for the room. Complete confidence that the site is secure. - Catharine B. Trust Pilot
Booking process very straightforward and completed in a matter of minutes. Ability to obtain room costs in Australian dollars a pleasant surprise. - Terry Trust Pilot
So easy; so nice. I found the location; I typed in the address; I viewed the rooms, I clicked availability; I booked a room. - Molly T. Trust Pilot
My first time using Reservation Counter - Loved It! I have stayed at the Microtel Inn in Manistee MI many times and usually make my reservations online. This is the first time I have used Reservation Counter. I twas easy, user friendly, and worked great! - Brenda Trust Pilot
Making reservations was very easy and simple. This is the easiest reservation I think I have ever made. Thanks for making it so pleasant!!! - Robert A. Trust Pilot


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by C. Johnson on Blank Business Name
Excellent Process

Reserving the room was extremely easy, and took very little time. This procedure has taken far, far longer with other chains; the clarity and simplicity in this case is much appreciated.

by K. Oakley on Blank Business Name
That was the easiest reservation I ever made!

Wow! That was the easiest hotel reservation that I ever made. And absolutely the quickest one as well. I typed in the hotel in the Yahoo search, I put in the check in and check out dates and the available room came up and bam!! I entered my card information and I booked the room.

by C. Gilbert Lowery on Blank Business Name

It only took a couple minutes to access the website, select the preferred accommodations, check in and pay for the room. Thank you.

by S. Wilcox on Blank Business Name
Fast and Simple

Only took a few minutes to select, pay, and reserve room.


Now that you’ve read a few reviews for Reservation Counter, here’s our take*.

Integrity in the hotel booking industry is critical. Companies that are not reliable will not survive. Reservation Counter, like other top online travel companies, has created a vibrant marketplace where consumers can shop for hotels across hundreds of brands on a single platform. Travelers value services that save time and fit their needs. Knowing you have access to the best comparable options and prices means you can be confident in your search and selection for a hotel booking. In addition, having access to knowledgeable customer support around the clock during the entire experience is reassuring.


When it comes to making a hotel reservation, you have a few options. First, you can search online travel agency sites by location where you want to stay, comparing prices and availability, which takes a lot of time considering the dozens of websites and frequently changing hotel prices. Second, you could contact a hotel chain to see if they have a hotel in your desired location at a price that fits your needs. Third, you can hire a local travel agency to find a hotel, which would require a commission fee. Or finally, you can find an online meta-search or aggregate tool to query third-party search engines for your specifications.


Reservation Counter is one of many hotel reservation websites, and here are a few advantages it offers when compared to its competition.

  • Access to current and relevant destination information, reviews, high-quality photos, and a quick and easy booking experience.

  • Reservation Counter maintains access to many suppliers – Expedia, Priceline, wholesalers, and others – that give customers a combined inventory of more than 1 million properties worldwide for greater comparisons, and choice.

  • Easy access to multi-lingual customer agents available 24/7.


When considering the many hotel-booking options, you can spend many hours searching for the best options. You can see how a meta-search engine is helpful, but this service doesn’t answer all the concerns.

  • It is required to follow hotel cancellation requirements.

  • Like other hotel booking systems, it cannot incorporate the required hotel and resort fees required of customers when they arrive at the hotel.

  • Reservation Counter has a complaint and refund rate of .3% on more than 2.7 million transaction in the last 12 months.


The fact that there are many ways to make a hotel reservation and that hotels voluntarily place their room inventory in various networks can make it confusing for travelers.

The real value comes in finding a way to cut through the advertising and lobbying noise to find an easy way to make a hotel reservation—and to make it with confidence. If you know the general location where you want to stay but don’t know all the hotel options, or if your desired hotel is listed as “sold out,” then a comprehensive search site like Reservation Counter is helpful.

In reality, you won’t be able to control all hotel variables—including the constantly changing rates. However with more than 84 million travel inquires and about 10,000 room nights booked every day, Reservation Counter has a strong track record of transactions completed, complaints resolved, and satisfied customers.

  • Benefits of using Reservation Counter
    • If your desired hotel is listed as “sold out” you may still find availability through Reservation Counter’s site, which can pull inventory from the various networks—at various prices—hotels use to sell rooms.

    • If you know the general location where you want to stay but don’t know all the hotel options, then a site like Reservation Counter is helpful.

  • How to have a better experience
    • There are thousands of hotels, travel agencies, wholesalers, and hotel banks that are part of the hotel reservation industry. Strong competition, various partnerships along with well-funded advertising and lobbying campaigns can make it confusing to customers.

    • Understand that hotels voluntarily place their room inventory in various networks—at various prices—to sell rooms through their own channels, online travel agencies or other networks.

    • Sites like Reservation Counter work to uncover the most competitive prices and best availability—more than any other website.



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